War on Wall St 2018 Summer Games


Another day of crossfit mayhem on Wall Street Plaza is upon us! If you like lifting things, throwing things, carrying things, etc… then this event is the one you want to attend.

The entire crossfit competition takes place on Wall Street Saturday, August 11th from 12noon till 8pm, with plenty of WODs and all things to crossfit to really get your blood pumping.

Registration and Athlete’s Info at www.thewaronwallst.com

Or just relax with a drink and cheer on the athletes! The event is FREE for spectators and we’ll have food & drink specials, stage entertainment, and games for the public all day!

Drink Specials 11am-8pm:

  • $3 Coors Light
  • $4 Angry Orchard
  • $4 Fireball
  • $7 Angry Ball Bombs (Fireball & Angry Orchard)

But that’s not all! Stick around after the competition for even better drink specials!

Athlete’s Power Hours Specials 8pm-9pm:

  • $2 Coors Light
  • $2 Fireball
  • $5 Angry Ball Bombs


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